R & D Services

InPlanta Biotechnology offer Research Services and can provide Expertise to the Cannabis Industry including:

  • Tissue culture protocols and genetic preservation
  • Breeding and seed production.
  • Fertilizer development and trials
  • Pesticide development and trials
  • Quality Assurance testing validation and standardization
  • Genomics, Epigenetics, Proteomics and Metabolomics approaches
  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Growth systems development & testing (soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, aquaponic etc.)

  • Equipment development & testing (lighting, atmosphere control, purification, harvesters etc.)
  • Development & testing of growth mediums (soil and substrates)
  • Extract and Concentrate development
  • Product development
  • Extraction equipment design and development
  • Medical device development and testing
  • Participation in Clinical Trials at all stages (pre-clinical to full human trials)


Unparalleled Capabilites


Cannabis varieties with specific Cannabinoid/ terpenoids for medicinal & adult use purposes with agronomic traits for increased production

Microchip Genotyping

Developing microchip identification techniques for quick genotyping of any cannabis cultivar and enhanced breeding

Condition Specific Varietal Development

Working with tissue cultures and medical practitioners to match the existing cultivars or develop new varieties best suited for treating specific conditions

Consulting Services

Inplanta has expertise in Cannabis production under many different conditions and can help you optimize your grow, extraction and formulations processes.

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