Obama Kush

Obama Kush

Breeder: Superior Genetics

Lineage: Afghani Skunk x OG Kush

Cannabinoids: THC  17-22%  CBD <0.5%

Flowering Time: 55-65 days


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Bred in the backwoods of Michigan born and raised, a this broad leaf hybrid is very resinous. 

Above average yield when grown using training techniques. (Topping, FIM, Pruning, Super-cropping).  Ideal for indoors.  Very bushy, medium to fast vegetative growth.

Full sized spear shaped buds with nice crown. Super resinous buds with a lemon zest peak and kush skunk undertones. Neon green, light purple and red.

High flying heady relief followed by a kush couchlocking mellow transition, readying you for another flight.