Forum Cut Cookies

Breeder: Jigga (the Cookies Fam)

Lineage: Cherry Pie Kush x f1DUB

Cannabinoids: 17-23% THC   CBD

Flowering Time:  55-65 days


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The original cut from the of San Francisco bay area of California.  A growers and consumers delight.

No,.. it was not crossed to Durban poison.  This is a myth and has been validated by genetic profiling.  The legend is that a Cherry Pie OG threw a few beans and was stabilized.  One of the parents of the original was named “f1DUB”, but the lineage has been largely kept secret.  Regardless, one of the tastiest plants you can ever grow.

Forum Cookies is a great choice for anyone who loves the GSC phenotypes with a nice ‘sativa’  influence. The strain is very easy to grow, resistant to mold and it smells like freshly baked cookies.  Absolutely unique and outstanding. It is recommended for beginners and experts as well and people who are searching for medical product will be very happy with this cut.