Inplanta Biotechnology is breeding high CBD Hemp in partnership with organizations from around the world.

Inplanta Biotechnology is breeding multi-purpose Hemp in partnership with organizations from around the world.

Our genetics are optimized for seed oil, seed protein or fiber as well as medical properties including CBD and terpenes.

We optimize genetics for your cultivation program based on:

  • End-use Products
  • Climate and Region
  • Growing Season
  • Longitude and Latitude
  • Soil type (Dry/Wet, Sandy/Clay)
  • Mechanization and Automation Capabilities

Contact us for what is available in your region. 

Grow Hemp Using The Best Genetics

Our proprietary database of genome and epigenome information of various hemp varieties allows for optimization of varietals for specific climate and soil conditions.

We specialize in dual-purpose cultivars that allow the farmer to increase profits and as well as differentiate their grow.

If you are interested in growing Hemp, please inquire for how to access these genetics and become a contract farmer.

We produce the highest quality including CBD flower materials for extraction and processing using established protocols.  For sales of CBD biomass, please inquire.