About Us

Cannabis Breeding, Diagnostics, Product Development and Testing

Inplanta Biotechnology has partnered with the Global Alliance Foundation Fund a non-profit organization that supports Veterans aftercare. A portion of the proceeds from our transactions are given back to support those who fought for our freedom

InPlanta Biotechnology has the ability to deliver consumer and patient-centric varietals as well as the expertise required to grow them.

The ability to produce a quality product in high volumes is essential in the current Cannabis market. Genetics able to perform well in specific growth conditions are the key to achieving success.

We aim to give companies a competitive advantage through:

  • Varieties with specific CBD/THC/terpenoid contents
  • Varieties optimized for specific growth substrates and environments
  • Varieties tested validated against specific medial indications
  • Breeding high CBD hemp in partnership with organizations from around the world
  • Product development and testing in advanced laboratory setting

Our founders and team together bring a wealth of experience and accomplishments in plant biology and breeding.

We have established international partners in the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia allowing import and export internationally